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Accent Walls Installation in Harrisburg, PA

When you need accent walls installation in Harrisburg, PA, our Fullmer Home Finishing & Design crew delivers! 

Expert Accent Walls Installation in Harrisburg, PA | Painting

Accent walls installation in Harrisburg, PA can add a touch of color to an otherwise dull or bland room. When you have an accent wall, it should stand out from the other walls surrounding it. The accent wall then becomes the focal point due to its color, pattern, or shade. 

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What to Consider For Your Accent Walls Installation in Harrisburg, PA

By working with our team for accent walls installation in Harrisburg, PA, we can help ensure you choose the best wall design for your home. Our process always begins with an initial consultation where we can help you brainstorm different accent wall ideas.

Some Camp Hill, PA, and surrounding area residents already know what new color or design they want their accent wall to be. Other homeowners, will need additional help, which we can provide. 

At Fullmer Home Finishing & Design, we’re not afraid to select bold colors or textured elements. Doing so can really make an accent wall pop and stand apart from more neutral walls. A bright blue or red in a neutral gray room can add dimension and character to your home. 

We also specialize in shiplap and board and batten accent walls. Board and batten walls add simple but impactful statement pieces. Meanwhile, nickel-gap shiplap can make any room or fixture stand apart. 

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Let that accent wall stand out with some classic nickel-gap shiplap that is sure to stand out! From dining rooms, to above the fireplace to bathrooms, shiplap can be used just about anywhere in your home.

Board Batten2

Board & Batten

Simple lines, create extraordinary statement pieces in your home. Give this type of accent wall a pop of color to really stand out!

Why You Can Trust Our Professional Accent Wall Team

Our family-owned and operated business understands the importance of having a dream home that accurately reflects your character. However, our next-level customer service doesn’t stop at helping you pick the correct color scheme. 

We only use the best paint and painting tools that can help protect your accent walls from dust and grime, chipping and peeling, and more. We always properly prepare a space for the installation process and leave a room as clean or cleaner than when we entered. 

Besides installing accent walls, our professional crew provides plenty of other services. Alongside interior painting, we also provide drywall installations and repairs and bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We always give our loyal customers free estimates before beginning any service. 

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The Go-to for Accent Walls Installation in Harrisburg, PA

Installing an accent wall can boost a room’s aesthetics, adding diversity and character. DIY projects can quickly go wrong and can even cause you to have to start over, costing time and money. 

You can get your accent wall right the first time by working with our accent wall team in Harrisburg, PA. We’re proud to serve the local community and help residents achieve their dream homes. 

Want to explore more ways an accent wall can boost your home’s value? Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, and West Shore, PA, and surrounding area residents can call our Fullmer Home Finishing & Design team at 717-222-8504!

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