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Home Refresh

Refresh your home to create a modern design with any budget!

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Step 1 – Home Visit

Your refresh begins with an initial home visit from the designer to truly understand your budget, vision and wants/needs of your new home refresh.

Step 2 – Design

Once we visit your house and understand what you are looking for in a home refresh, we will then get to the drawing boards and come up with a few concepts and designs to work within your style and budget.

Step 3 – Work Begins

Your approved design will be brought to life! We will schedule out your home refresh and get to work! Sit back and relax as we transform your space!

Flooring & Installation

Flooring Installation in Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas

Basement Finishing Hummelstown

Removal of Existing Flooring

Your existing floor will be removed (if necessary) and start the inspection process of looking for any issues that may cause the floor to be uneven. These issues will be resolved as we prep to install the new flooring.

Install New Flooring

Installation will begin with your selected floor choice. Laminate, Vinyl Plank Flooring and Tile can all be installed to transform your space and provide a durable long-lasting finish to your home.

Install Trim & Clean

Once the flooring is installed we will install any shoe moulding or quarter-round trim pieces that are required to making your floor flow from room to room. We will sweep, vacuum and wipe clean all surfaces leaving your floor brand new and your space refreshed!

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