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At Fullmer Home Finishing & Design, we believe vibrancy never goes out of style. Call for our quality house painters in Camp Hill, PA!

The city once known as White Hill attracts visitors from all around with its rich artwork. You may head to one of many galleries, like The Millworks or Brain Vessel, take in local artwork of the month with your latte at Cornerstone Coffeehouse, or purchase pieces at street fairs. However, at Fullmer Home Finishing & Design, our house painters in Camp Hill, PA know those aren’t the only brushstrokes that matter.

Where you see four walls, we see four empty canvases. Allow our exceptional team to provide residential house painting for color and vibrancy!

Expert House Painters in Camp Hill, PA

Residential House Painting in Camp Hill, PA

Brushstrokes in Camp Hill artwork depict movement and emotion, but if you didn’t ask for textured residential walls, it’s just a sign of an inadequate painter. 

Residential painting, whether a touch-up or complete wall makeover, requires an eye for detail from professionals creating your desired look. With stellar customer service and experience, our team walks you through the steps and conducts a color consultation before moving forward.

Preparing for Camp Hill, PA, Painting Jobs

Our house painters in Camp Hill, PA come ready to remove the old paint job with an electric sander. The experts then examine the wall for concave surfaces, dents, or crevices that need puttying.

There’s also the option to paint over the existing color for less downtime, fewer steps, and a more cost-effective project. However, since you can’t lay latex paint over oil-based paint, a bonding latex primer must go between the two layers for the new paint to adhere. Otherwise, they’ll paint directly over the old paint without fear of streaking or transparency.

After laying down drop cloths and placing masking tape around the walls’ edges for crisp lines, the team rolls on two layers of Grade-A paint. They then clean the area and pack up, leaving your home better than they found it, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all jobs.  

Accent Wall Painting in Camp Hill, PA

If you’re striving for a more modern feel with light neutral paints but want a splash of color, consider accent wall Camp Hill, PA, painting that’ll transform even the simplest rooms. 

With the color wheel in mind, house painters in Camp Hill, PA consider whether you’re going for colors that complement your other walls to create a uniform feel or associative colors for more contrast. They’ll also recruit professional artists to create murals or other artwork that’ll work well near artwork you pick up at the Plein Art Festival. 

From painting shapes to landscapes, let us get creative with your accent wall painting with the highest quality and service standards!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Logan was responsive and easy to work with. Did what he said he would, when he said he would. We’re very pleased with the results.

Post Calvinist

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Logan was prompt, professional and did a fantastic job. Super reliable and a lovely guy. We will be using him again!

Hannah Tuttle

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I bought a house and needed the interior painted in 4 days before the furniture arrived. Logan “squeezed” me in and got it done in 2.5 days! He’s personal, professional and really cares about the quality of his work. I highly recommend Fullmer Finishing & Design!

Randy Sizemore

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Go-to House Painters in Camp Hill, PA

Our family-owned and operated company prioritizes building relationships. We arrive on time, showing respect and courteousness, whether doing a drywall installation, paint job, or cabinet refinishing. 

Contact Fullmer Home Finishing & Design for exceptional house painters in Camp Hill, PA and the surrounding areas. Call 717-222-8504 for a free estimate and get your home painted today!

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