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Find Which Cabinet Color Works Best for Your House

Working with a house painter to improve your kitchen is an intelligent investment, one that can pay back many dividends. After all, according to IBISWorld, the United States painting industry is worth about $40 billion. Kitchen painting, in particular, offers many benefits.

That said, it’s important to choose the best kitchen cabinet colors for your needs to ensure they make sense for your home. Put simply, there are multiple steps you have to take to achieve a beautiful home style. Examining these steps will ensure that you get the unique style improvements that you deserve.

1. Pay Attention to Kitchen Size

How exactly does kitchen size impact your cabinet colors? In more ways than you might think, actually! Small kitchens may need lighter and brighter colors to naturally improve their feel. Darker colors can sometimes make spaces feel rather cluttered and cramped and far less comfortable.

That said, larger kitchens may not do well with brighter shades because they can make your cabinets feel cold or unattractive. It’s a delicate balance — one that requires you to work with a professional painting team to get it right. These professionals will have a good sense of what makes the most sense for your needs.

For example, smaller kitchens may do well with muted colors and neutral tones, like white, powder blue, and sage green. A high-gloss finish can improve this effect and make it even more potent. By contrast, larger kitchens typically need darker colors on the cabinets, such as navy blue or dark brown.

2. Lighting Is Crucial

What kind of lighting do you get in your kitchen? Most modern kitchens focus on natural lighting, including open windows that draw in sunlight. Natural lighting is typically the best option here because it can make your kitchen feel brighter and more open, no matter its size.

The paint you choose should be based on the lighting type and quality of your kitchen. It may also vary based on your kitchen’s location. For example, northern and southern-facing kitchens will get less sunlight than eastern and western-facing kitchens, which may require lighter cabinet paints to help your kitchen shine.

That said, you also need to talk with your painting team about UV-resistant paint if your cabinets get a lot of direct sunlight. While natural light brightens your kitchen, it will naturally wear down your paint with time. Thankfully, you can install filters on your windows to eliminate this UV exposure.

Don’t forget to talk to your painting contractor about your home’s artificial lighting as well! After all, you’ll have to rely on it when the sun isn’t out, and it can impact your cabinet’s style in many ways. Thankfully, the right professionals can make this process a lot smoother and easier to understand.

3. Think About the Rest of Your Kitchen

The best house painters will remind you to pay attention to the rest of your kitchen when painting your cabinets. They’re not wrong here: you want a style that naturally makes your home more attractive without overwhelming the kitchen. There are many considerations that you can’t ignore.

First, pay attention to the backsplashes throughout your kitchen, as well as the color of the ceiling, floor, and walls. Also, note the styles of your appliances and the overall look you’re trying to create. Do you want to produce a more modern style, or are you engaged with old-school fashions?

Often, natural wood, blues, and pink pastels work great in both modern and traditional kitchens. That said, wood typically blends best with more old-fashioned looks or kitchens in older homes. Conversely, yellows and reds may work best in a more modern kitchen.

As you consider these styles, don’t forget to note every other aspect we’ve discussed so far. After all, you need to make sure that your kitchen’s style remains strong and consistent with your home. Thankfully, your painting team can help you choose the colors and techniques that make the most sense.

4. Ask About Textures and Layering

Here’s the thing about high-quality paintwork: it can actually add texture to your home! For example, you can ask your painting contractors how to create layers and textures with contrasting paint styles. It can brighten up your kitchen and make it even more eye-catching and exciting.

For example, you can ask your contractors about how colors like sage and earth green pair with natural wood materials. Wooden slats are particularly a great option for cabinets because their texture is so smooth and open. Stone backsplashes, woven baskets, laminate surfaces, and other textures all impact your paint and require a specialized and professional approach.

After all, wood will absorb paint more readily than other types of materials, which can impact how good it looks on your cabinets. Furthermore, there’s a good chance that metal and laminate will lose some of their shine if you aren’t careful with the kinds of paints you choose for them.

As with all kitchen cabinet painting processes, it’s best to pick a house painter who understands your needs. Furthermore, it’s important to pick colors that blend well with various stylistic approaches. Doing so can ensure that you get the long-lasting style that makes sense for you.

Colors to Consider

Before painting your cabinets, it’s important to choose colors that feel right for you. White and beige looks are often very popular in many cabinets because they’re neutral and blend well with many kitchens. That said, there are many choices to make here that can greatly impact your style.

For example, while creamy whites look great in most kitchens and produce an appealing neutral feel, they’re not right for everybody. Some people find white boring and may reject this stylistic upgrade. Instead, you might want brighter or more vibrant colors with more unique looks. These include options like oval room blue, which produces a traditional and appealing style. It’s a bit of a mid-range color, one that isn’t too bright or too dark. Talk to your painter about this tone to see whether it’s right for you and to make your choice a little easier when picking colors.

That said, you might even want a more assertive or striking color, such as cobalt blue or salty dog. These colors naturally create a heavier impact and make your cabinets more appealing. Your contractor can provide you with samples that make it easier to gauge this look.

You can also try two-tone cabinets that pair colors like backwood green and various browns to create a unique style. We strongly recommend this approach if you want to create more complex styles. Working with your contractor can help you choose hues that fit your needs.

It’s best to trust your painting team in this situation because they have years of experience and an eye for design. They’ll not only know how to create attractive styles but should feel comfortable working hands-on with you during this process. They’ll do all the hard work for you.

Working with the best house painter can ensure that you get the results that you want. It’s essential to sit down, talk with a team that understands your needs, and do what’s necessary to choose great paints. Even if it takes a little longer, the better results are worth it.

If you’re ready to hire a house painter for your cabinets, we’re here to help! Our team of professionals at Fullmer Home Finishing & Design has the experience and expertise to help you choose the best colors for your kitchen. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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