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Paint Colors to Consider for Your Dining Room

Hiring a house painter to spruce up your home is an effective way to increase both the value of your home and your quality of life. According to Open Door, homeowners can expect to obtain a Return on Investment (ROI) of as much as 107% after painting a room in their home. Dining rooms are a great place to start when you’re ready to give your home’s interior a refresh. Here are a few paint color ideas for your dining room.

Color Ideas for Closed Dining Rooms

The color you choose for your dining room should take the room’s location into account. If you have a closed dining room, you won’t have to worry as much about how the color interacts with other walls. Closed dining rooms tend to be a lot more formal and traditional. Before selecting your paint color, take a look at your flooring, furniture, window treatments, and wall hangings.

For many people, deep, highly-saturated colors are their first choice. Deep royal blues, burgundies, and forest greens are all great choices. Be aware that this range of colors will make the room feel cozy and perhaps smaller. Depending on the size of your dining room, you might want to choose neutral shades for all but one accent wall. However, with this option, you’ll love a lot of the dramatic feel that bold colors can give to a closed dining room.

Color Ideas for Open-Plan Dining Rooms

Today’s contemporary homes often have an open-plan concept. You might just have an area of the great room dedicated to dining but not have a separate, defined space. In this scenario, you’ll want to determine how much separation you want for your dining room. One solution that works well is to paint two adjacent walls with a bright color that complements the rest of the area.

Bold colors can often look incongruous in such spaces, with brighter colors being a better option. Consider the other colors that are used throughout your great room and choose a complementary shade. Colors that often work well are orange sherbet, lilac, and mint green. Unless you want your dining area to be a focal point of the room, it’s best to stay away from overly bright colors or ones that are too saturated.

Another option for open-plan spaces is to paint the entire area one color. This will make your open-plan concept look a lot bigger and will contribute to a great feeling of flow between spaces with different uses. If you have a sizable art collection or many different types of wall hangings, choosing a neutral color for the entire space is often the best way to go. Online room-planning software can give you a good idea of how your color scheme will look once your walls are painted. It can also be helpful to work with a designer to find the right approach.

If you want to maintain the open feel of your space, a neutral palette with one or two accent walls can create the look and feel you’re aiming for. Don’t forget to consider how natural light will affect the space and the appearance of your painted walls.

Neutral Shades

A dining room with neutral shades is another excellent option. However, you want to be mindful of avoiding a clinical appearance. There’s a fine line between clean lines and creating a space that looks like a waiting room. Neutral colors are perfect for smaller spaces, or in rooms where there’s a lot of heavy, dark furniture. If you want your dining room to feel bright and cheerful, a neutral palette is the way to go.

Greys and beiges are beginning to feel somewhat overdone, but are still good choices. Bright whites are often used in dining rooms that are extensions of the kitchen. Some other neutral shades to consider are tans, light blues and greens, and rose colors. The lighter the hue, the more subtle the effect. This approach is also helpful for anyone who isn’t sure of exactly what they want. Starting with a lighter color that you can darken as desired is much easier to do than moving in the other direction.

Neutral colors are perfect for anyone with a contemporary style in their home and when there’s light-colored furniture used in the dining room. And, if you find the results a bit lackluster, you can always talk to your house painter about adding an accent wall to the mix.

Bold Colors

Traditional dining rooms tend to be dramatic. It’s one room in the house where bold colors always work, regardless of the size of the room. If you want to create a dining room that’ll be used for entertaining, this choice will be sure to impress your guests. Creating a manor-like space is an effective way to increase the beauty of your dining room. If this is the direction you choose, you’ll want to choose the same color for all the walls.

Deep eggplant purples and midnight blues are two popular colors right now. Another way to achieve a dramatic effect is to choose a flat, matte paint that absorbs light. The more dramatic the paint color you choose, the more important it is to do a few test patches. You’ll want to know how the room looks in natural light as well as at night. Ask your contractor if they can paint a few test areas and see how they look throughout the day and into the evening. You may find that the lighting in your dining room needs to be upgraded to properly complement your new bold and dramatic color choice.

Tying it All Together

A new coat of paint is the perfect way to create a dining room that you’ll love. Plus, the best thing about paint as a decorative element is that it’s easy to update and change. Once you’ve chosen your new paint color, you might want to give your dining room another look. A new coat of paint might make your window treatments look faded, or you may find that it’s time to update the flooring. Your new stylish dining room will make family meals a joy and might just increase the amount of entertaining that you do.

Now’s the perfect time to sit down with your contractor to review the possibilities for your dining room. This is an area of the home that can often be neglected, but after your refresh, you will likely find yourself using it more than ever. Whether you choose a bold or neutral palette, your new paint can completely transform the look and feel of your dining area.

Be sure to review online design sites and magazines to get a better feel of today’s most popular color choices. Of course, you’ll want something that reflects your own personal design style, but staying on-trend is easy to do when you know what you like. Find out more today by calling your local painting company to receive an estimate for your project. Once you have updated your dining room, you’ll want to move on to other areas in your home and give them an update too. There’s no reason to wait when it comes to repainting your home!

If you need a house painter to transform your dining room, Fullmer Home Finishing & Design is the company to call. Our team of pros will ensure that your project is done right the first time. New paint color is an effective way to give your home’s interior a boost, so give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!

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