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Signs You Need Drywall Repair

You love your home – everything looks perfectly put together. But something doesn’t feel right. The walls don’t look as fresh as they did in the past. Perhaps there are signs that things are happening behind them, like damage to your drywall. This isn’t something that you should wait to take care of. If you leave things alone, then the damage could get even worse and wind up even threatening the overall structural integrity of your home. That could wind up being extremely costly.

That’s where painters come in. People need painters. That’s why there are a lot of painting businesses in America – 248,000 of them, according to IBISWorld. They can also do things like repairing drywall if the need arises. Here are the signs that you need to look out for when it comes to drywall damage.

Water Damage

This is caused by leaking pipes. The water will then seep into the drywall and affect its overall integrity. The damage depends on how badly the pipe is leaking, though. If it’s merely dripping a bit, then that’s only going to leave certain spots on the drywall, and that can be sopped up and then dried with a fan. On the other hand, if the pipe leaks a lot or even bursts, which would lead to flooding, then that’s going to cause a lot more damage to the drywall. You don’t just have to worry about that, though. The moisture can cause mold to grow or it can loosen joint tape. It’s a situation that can lead to health issues as well as structural damage. If you see anything that looks like moisture in your walls, contact an expert immediately.


Cracks are a sign that the drywall wasn’t initially correctly installed. This can also happen if you live in an area where the temperature goes up and down constantly. Your house might be settling, too. You’ll find that these cracks tend to appear near doors, windows, ceilings, and corners. Those are all areas where there are seams. Don’t ignore the cracks, either. Just like a crack in your car’s windshield, it will grow over time and even threaten the overall structural integrity of your home. You don’t want to have to shell out a lot of money for a much larger repair project later on. Get someone who can do drywall repair and do it quickly.


Your drywall can get holes for a variety of reasons. They will also vary in size. They might be the size of a nail, for example. Others might be substantially larger due to a piece of furniture going through it by accident. Whatever the reason and whatever the size, you want to have it fixed quickly. Otherwise, the hole is going to grow and will look very unsightly. The type of drywall repair needed will depend on the size of the hole. Bring in an expert to take care of the situation. They will be able to make your wall look great again.

Popping Nails

You pass by a wall and see that a nail is sticking out of the drywall. That means a nail has popped through. This can happen for several reasons. They include the house settling, the nails not being attached to a joint or stud correctly, the wood that was used to build the house developing moisture, and then popping the nails out when it dries. If you see that, have someone take the nails out and then put drywall screws in their place to keep things looking like they should.


You can do a lot of things to cause wear and tear on your drywall. They include taking off wallpaper, tiles, or mirrors. You’ll be removing a lot more than just memories – you can make a piece of the drywall come off, too. This isn’t something that could really wind up threatening the overall structure of your home, but it’s something that will really ruin the overall aesthetic of your home. It should be an easy fix for a pro to come in and sand and patch up the wall so that it looks brand new and ready for something else to be hung or added there.

Next Steps

When you hire someone to do drywall repair, you want to make sure that you bring in the best. That means doing some research. There are several ways that you can do that. The first way is to ask your friends and family. Perhaps they needed to have work done on their place and they loved the job that the people did. That will save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to looking.

If that doesn’t work, perhaps you can ask your co-workers. See if you hear about any of them needing to have work done on their place. Ask them if they liked the results and whether they would recommend the people who did the drywall repair job to you. That way, you won’t have to do any extra legwork after that.

If you strike out on the first two ways, then you might have some luck by walking or driving around your neighborhood and seeing if there are any trucks parked that advertise a company that does drywall repair, among other things. Get the contact information or talk to one of the workers and explain what you want to do and set things up and then go from there. You never know what you’ll find when you’re out for a walk or driving.

Call Today

The most simple way to amend your drywall issues is to work with the pros. You can just go on your laptop or smartphone and just look up drywall repair companies in your area. It takes seconds to get the results. Be sure to look at review sites and read what people are saying about these companies. That will help you weed out ones that have a bad reputation. Once you find the one that you like, contact them and get things started. You could wind up finding one that you will give business to for many years ahead.

Make sure that the company is reputable. You want to hire people who are communicative and can explain things to you in a way that’s easy to understand. It’s important that they are responsive, too, and will come to do the job as soon as possible. There are few things as aggravating as having to wait to have people come do work for you. They will also charge you fairly and will do the job quickly. In essence, you don’t want to just be spending your money recklessly. They should also consistently give you the best results.

Having issues with drywall is just part of owning a home. You just need to be diligent about checking to see how the house looks. It wouldn’t hurt to have someone come in yearly to inspect the place and see if there is any damage. That will help ensure your peace of mind and also help keep you and your family safe. That’s worth any amount of money.

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