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The Trending Interior Paint Colors of 2023

Every year, there are trends for paint, and 2023 is no exception. This year’s trends encourage homeowners to take on gorgeous, vibrant colors like fiery red or calm things down with Earth tones. Neutrals, as always, are never going out of style. Read on to learn more about this year’s hottest interior paint colors!


According to Benjamin Moore, gray, beige, white, and other neutrals are some of the most commonly sold interior paint colors. Greige takes this color scheme to the next level by combining gray and beige. The result is that you have a greyish color on the walls with warm undertones, eliminating the cold, clinic atmosphere that stark gray is often associated with.


Lavender is more than just one of the trending interior paint colors of 2023; it’s the color of the year. Light purple shades in the lavender family represent optimism and invoke hope for the future as we embark on vacations that weren’t possible two years ago and have more optimism for the future. That’s why a painting company will see this color request repeatedly.


Icy cold white walls that remind you of Antarctica are long gone, and warmer walls are taking their place, making a cozy off-white or eggshell the perfect color choice for homeowners that prefer a monotone color palette. Pair it with any color palette, or stick with off-white and greige for a neutral room that still feels comfortable. A painting company can help you find the perfect color palette to complement your walls!


The colors of the year include jewel tones like a deep blue-green, which creates a tranquil wall perfect for anyone that wants to add feelings of nostalgia to the room. As the days of the pandemic become a distant memory, nostalgia continues to be a trend seen in interior paint, clothing, and home decorating. Pair it with stones and deep Earth tones to create a grounding effect.


Gray continues to reign supreme in interior decorating, but a paint company may see that change as 2023 continues. This classic color is slowly replaced with beige to create sophisticated elegance that remains unrivaled by its gray wall and white trim counterpart.

Staying on top of the latest trends ensures that your home will be fashionable and sophisticated and always match your personality. Contact your local painting company at Fullmer Home Finishing to start your interior painting project today!

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