Why You Need to Add Painting to Your Home Makeover

Is it time to revamp your home before the year ends? While many things may be on your list of upgrades, you should add house painting to one of them. If you’re unsure about the benefits of hiring a professional painter, read on for more insight.

Increase Value

The home is quite a big asset. It’s important to consider the different ways you can increase its value. One of the best ways to do so is by investing in painting various parts of your home. Whether doing exterior painting, interior painting, cabinet painting, or decorative painting, all of these elements go a long way in improving how your home looks. When your home looks good and appears solid, it easily adds to the overall value an appraiser would have. According to IBIS World, the market size of the painting industry in the United States is around $40 billion and will likely continue to grow as more homeowners and businesses look to find ways to maintain their property value.

Improve Mood

Color theory is real and can affect how you feel when you’re inside your home. Unfortunately, stress is a daily part of many people’s lives, but your home should provide a way to decompress. A professional painter can revamp your home or a room in blue or lavender. Such colors have been known to create a sense of calm and relaxation. In addition to adding to a calming mood, green also helps connect homeowners to nature. If you want a space to feel more intimate, darker colors like black and brown can provide that essence. If you have small rooms that make you feel closed in. Painting them over in white or off-white can naturally open them up. Do you need a little excitement in your life? A red or orange accent wall can go a long way in creating that type of energy. Have fun with your home makeover by having different colored spaces for different moods.

Repair Surface

Unfortunately, it’s easy for your walls to take a beating, even if you’ve tried to be careful. If you’ve had many pictures on your walls, you’ve likely had to use nails and hooks to put them in. If you’ve switched your pictures around, you likely still have holes in those walls that can show up when you look closely. If you have a humid home, that can also cause the existing wallpaper or paint job to peel or bubble. If your home has suffered any water damage from leaks or humidity, it can wreak havoc on your paint job as the underlining drywall becomes ruined. Little kids and animals often may bump into things or choose surfaces.

In other words, your interior walls may have scratches, dents, and holes that need repairing. Before professional painters add one lick of paint, they’ll make the necessary surface repairs to ensure they have a smooth and secure surface to work with. They’ll fill in those cracks, holes, and small dents, smooth them over, wash the walls, sandblast them, and ensure your walls are as professional-looking as possible. Once they add the paint, they can often top them off with the finishes to your liking.

Enjoy Modern Colors

According to statistics, over 60% of Americans live in homes built before 1980. If you’re living in such a home and haven’t updated your paint since then, you may be looking at walls that have outdated colors. With so many painters available across the country, there’s no need to be stuck with outdated colors, ugly colors, or colors that don’t energize your home in the way you need. Work with a local painter to find the right color solution for you to make your home as inviting as possible.

According to recent surveys, homeowners want to stay home more after painting a wall. You can enjoy the same feeling if you have walls done over in your favorite color. Don’t be turned off if your favorite color is something super bright like red, neon pink, or dark like black. Professional painters know how to use various shades of colors as well as contrast them with neutral ones to create an optimum effect where you can enjoy your favorite colors regardless of the hue. According to the Spruce, popular modern colors used on homes include green, gray, and black. In addition to these modern trends, you can also play it safe with beautiful earth tones as well as white or off-white. You could always have fun and experiment with these more modern colors by way of an accent wall or trimming.

Add Focal Points

Adding house painting to your home upgrade allows you to create focal points. Why would you want a focal point in your home? Focal points can enhance the design and mood of your residential space. For example, if you have more than one person living in your home, everyone’s bedroom can be a designated color. You can have a specific color for your meditation room, such as blue or purple. Designate the kids’ playroom or family entertainment space by having it painted in a bold red or orange. Do you have a home office? Make it stand out from the rest of the home by using a safe gray or going bold with your company color.

Focal points also allow you to have fun with accent walls. If you have an affinity for bold colors, painting an entire room in that color may be too much for some people’s visual palette. An accent wall gives you the creativity to go crazy with a super bold color like neon pink, or lime green without making your space overpowering. You can also focus on certain areas, such as interior and exterior trimmings. Have you always envisioned a white house with a bright red door? Your local painter can easily create such a standout feature for you.

Protect Your Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the main features of any kitchen. After all, they take up so much space and they’re responsible for all of your kitchen and bathroom storage. If your cabinets are no longer looking as beautiful and pristine as they once were, investing in painting professionals who know how to work with cabinets can breathe new life into these features. By adding cabinet painting to your home renovation, you can preserve the life of your cabinets and increase their lifespan. That way you can save time, save energy, and avoid keeping your kitchen out of commission with cabinet painting.

As you can see, hiring a local painter can work wonders for your home. It should be the first step in any home renovation since your walls are one of the most exposed parts of your home and need protection from the elements both inside and outside. Regardless of how beautiful your furniture and flooring may be, having cracked and run-down walls not only puts your structure at risk, but it also just looks terrible. As you get ready to prepare for your updates for the end of the year or the beginning of 2024, you want the right contractors on deck. Get the ball rolling on your needed painting work by calling our local team at Fullmer Home Finishing & Design today for a consultation.

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